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In October 2016, the municipal executive committee approves the constitution of the International Scientific Committee proposed by the Institute for the History and the Memories of the 20th century Parri Emilia-Romagna, which will work alongside it during the exhibition design phase. It is composed of sixteen major and highly competent historians and museum experts, four of whom are working in other countries.
The first meeting of the Scientific Committee, coordinated by Prof. Marcello Flores, is held in Predappio on 27 October 2016.

Ser.In.Ar. , an agency which supports the University of Forlì and Cesena, finances a biennial research programme worth €36,000 called “Predappio Europa”. Its purposes are to support an accurate investigation of European museography on the theme of totalitarianism and the implementation of the constitutional route of the Foundation that will manage the Ex Casa del Fascio. The scientific coordinator of the programme is Prof. Alberto De Bernardi of the Department of History, Culture and Civilisation of the University of Bologna.

Various contributions:

 Download – Matteo Pasetti –  Dossier sul progetto “Predappio, Europa” – 12 schede su 12 musei 2017

 Download – Matteo Pasetti –  Memoriali iberici post-dittatoriali: la Valle de los Caídos e il Museu do Aljube

 Download – Matteo Pasetti –  “Modello Germania”? Sulle rappresentazioni museali del nazionalsocialismo

Osservatorio Predappio.
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