Art Bonus to support the renovation and restoration of the ex casa del fascio e dell’ospitalita’ di Predappio to a useable condition.

Companies and individual citizens can become “patrons” of their municipal body using the Art Bonus, a tool which makes it possible and convenient to support local culture. Art Bonus is an opportunity through which the municipal body identifies an important project that citizens or legal entities can donate to, and benefit from a 65% tax credit on the allocations made.
The municipal body of Predappio, by virtue of the Municipal executive committee’s resolution n°. 75 dated 05/05/2016, has decided to use the Art Bonus for the project to renovate and restore the Ex Casa del Fascio e dell’Ospitalità di Predappio to a useable condition.

To make the donation and support the project: download the policy (odt format)
Or download the policy (pdf format)

Explanatory circular n°. 24 dated 31/07/2014 of the Revenue Agency;
Technical note of ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) on ArtBonus.

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For further information contact the municipal body of Predappio, Financial Department – Tel. +39 0543-921750